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Welcome to C-AM DAILY, a community dedicated to one of the most talented canaidian actresses, Carrie-Anne Moss. Feel free to post anything and everything Carrie-Anne Moss stuff related, e.g. pictures, magazine articles, selfmade artwork or discuss and share your opinions.
If you want to know more about our "canadian pride", please visit themosspit.net where you can learn more about her.

  • Every post should include at least one picture!

  • Please put large images or movie spoilers behind a LJ-Cut and make the content in your subject title clear!

  • Be respectful and remember that Carrie-Anne Moss is a real person! It's allowed to post pictures of her baby, but you have to mention that and put them behind a cut, so it's up to everyone whether he/she wants to see the pictures or not.

    lj cut:

  • Play nice. You have problems with anyone? Contact your moderators, we're gonna try to help you the best we can.

  • Enjoy being around. :)
    goodsound & snowpainted